OREX Company was formed with the aim of propagating renewable energy applications in UAE, and has worked diligently in solar energy (solar panel and its accessories) as field mainly in domestic and industrial applications. Our objective was clear and definite; thus, enhance every product every day to serve you better and considered as a competitor with the technology now a days.

We can assure costumer’s satisfactory that the products their getting is one of the best in the trading industry. As we have special technical support department and provide solutions to help our customer’s in their choices and their projects through our engineers specialists

As UAE and gulf is one of the major regions in the world blessed with high solar incidence, and as all studies have revealed that with the present rate of usage, all fossil fuel resources will be practically depleted within this decade thereby stressing the need to develop cheaper sources of renewable energy of which solar applications would play an important role. Not only to save energy for usage but to save money as well.This is a practical idea and an environmental friendly also. Products that is high in quality and guaranteed for long lasting work